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Here the winners of 2017 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow

We know the winners of WfMC’s 2017 Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow, as they have been announces during the online ceremony on December 12presented LIVE ONLINE by Nathaniel Palmer (Executive Director of WfMC) and Keith Swenson (WfMC Chair) of the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC). The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and BPM.com jointly sponsor the annual Global Awards for Excellence in Business Process Management. The Awards program is managed by Future Strategies Inc., represented by Layna Fischer (Awards Director and Publisher).

The ceremony started with the announcement of the "Marvin L.Manheim Award 2017 for Significant Contributions in the Field of Workflow". This award is an industry recognition created by WfMC in honor of the late Professor Marvin L. Manheim, that he was a co-founder alf both the Black Forest Group and the WfMC. This year the winner has been Derek Miers, who is an internationally-acclaimed speaker and world-class consultant in BPM and workflow. He is based in London, UK, and works as a Research Director for Gartner Research, Stamford CT. 

The renowned Analyst Connie Moore, Senior VP of Research Digital Clarity Group, gave an overview of industry trends: Customer Experience (customer journey mapping), Digital Process Platforms emerge for digital business, Enterprise-wide (new ways of thinking in technology and business models), Case Management (ACM and Production Case Management), Robotic Process Automation, Low-Code and Financial Services no longer the most active sector in BPM deployment

As the industry’s most prestigious BPM awards, each year hundreds of hours go into the assessment of each case study across 15 distinct evaluation factors. Judging is completed by a global panel of experts comprising the BPM industry’s most respected thought-leaders including Alberto Manuel, Alexander Samarin, William Brantley, Chick Webster, Sandy Kemsley, Connie Moore, Keith Swenson, Nathaniel Palmer, Cor Visser, Derek Miers, Dermot McCauley, Francesco Battista, Frank Kowalskowski, Peter Schooff, Gil Laware, Hajo Normann, John Matthias, Justin Brunt, Ken Mei, Marco Brambilla, Neil Ward-Dutton, Paul Buhler, Juergen Kress and me (Pedro Robledo).
The award finalists feature a roster of global industry leaders and government agencies, including multiple entries from several nominators. Following the judges’ in-depth reviews, the ultimate selection of  Top winners was reached after careful evaluation across all submissions worldwide. The winners have been announced at the awards ceremony which have featured an overview of each winner’s case study. Here the list of Winners:
  • DIA, Spain, nominated by AuraPortal - Multinational supermarket retailer with over 7000 stores in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil and China.  Benefits: Reduced time to market by 40%,  complete traceability, increased responsiveness to customer needs, optimized use of human resources and 80% reduction of errors.
  • EPM Gas, Energy, Water Colombia, nominated by AuraPortal - Public utility Group dedicated to the prison of energy, gas, water and waste management. Benefits: Service costs reduced by over 50%, SLAs improved by over 60%, complete process control, visibility and traceability, and self-management increased by 61%.
  • FiberCorp (Corporative Business Unit of Cablevision, S.A.): Customer Integration to Processes, nominated by FiberCorp Cablevision,S.A. - It offers Cloud, Connectivity, Datacenter and Video & Media Solutions to third party companies. Benefits: Self-activated products between 5 and 10 min, self-managed by the customer (vs. 2 weeks), monitoring and automatic alarms, IPC implements 13 EndtoEnd products, more than 120 automated processes.
  • Grupo A, nominated by SML Brasil - Benefits: faster and more assertive decision making processes visibility of initiatives, prioritization by strategic importance, minimized investment risks, projects and process culture.
  • Hilti Ag nominated by University of Liechtenstein - A global leader in providing technology-leading products, systems and services to the construction industry. Benefits: digital maturity for new technologies and innovations; one corporate culture; higher customer satisfaction; boost in Operational Excellence: efficiency gains, cost savings and contingency.
  • ISS Facility Services, Brazil, nominated by Lecon Tecnologia - Benefits: decrease of 84% of the average time for hiring staff; Employee satisfaction - 99% go the staff no longer have Benefits issues; agility - currently in 48 hours (SLA) a solution is applied by the process.
  • New York State Back Office Operations, USA nominated by New York State ITS - NYS Information Technology Servies delivers IT Services to all NYS agencies. Benefits: Increase organizational efficiency; enterprise application serves all agencies at a fraction of cost and staffing; overdue invoice costs reduced to a fraction.
  • Pret Communique S.A. de C.V. Mexico, nominated by AuraPortal -The Largest AT&T distributor in Mexico. Benefits: Increase in customer satisfaction;75% reduction in resources; processes reduced from 2 hours to 20 minutes; continuous improvement.
  • Rio de Janeiro's City Hall, Brazil, nominated by Neomind Solutions - Benefits: 1,230,000 paper sheets saved; offices were reduced from 19 to 9; 45% of the permits are issued in 30 minutes; 72% without human interaction; increased revenues: 25%; 100% online, automatic and standardized.
  • SOLIX Inc., USA, nominated by PNMSoft Technologies - A best-in-class provider of program and process management, regulatory compliance and customer care services. Benefits: reduced error rates; improved management of KPI's and Workflow Processes; Improved application delivery quality; tightly coupled Business integration; increased speed to market; and improved client joint development efforts.
  • Valeo, nominated by ProcessMaker - An Automotive Supplier, partner to all automakers worldwide. Benefits: 80% efficiency gain in Platform Response Time; 75.000+ cases; and transitioned to a fully digital company.
  • VINCULA-MDT nominated by Lecom Tecnologia - Benefits: Traceability -100% of the processes are traceable; issue of invoices - reducing process time by approximately 50%; and clients and stakeholders satisfaction.
  • WellCare Health Plans, Inc., USA nominated by  ISIS Papyrus. - It provides government-sponsored managed care services in all 50 US states, serving 4.1 million members and employing 9000 associates. Benefits: 20% savings on job lifecycle time; 75% reduction in printing, paper and file storage costs; full transparency of all open jobs and tasks; 20% reduction of rework due to quality measures; and flexibility to adapt immediately to changes.

The BPM vendor AuraPortal received special mention as it is the leading vendor nominator with 3 excellent winners, followed by Lecom with 2 winners.
More details can be found online at bpm-awards.org. Winners receive additional recognition by having their case studies published in the 2018 edition in the Excellence in Practice Series by Future Strategies Inc. 

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